The game development have been permanently stopped. However you may still play the current latest version below.

How to download:

Follow all the steps below to avoid any crashing, invisible texts, bugs and etc.

Step 1: Download RTP (Run-time Package) and install/extract it to your computer. A MUST download, this game requires RTP to run. (if you had downloaded before, you             can skip this step.)

Step 2: Download the FULL game (or the patch of the latest version if you already have an existing full game), and run Game.exe to play.

Step 3: Download and install the SAO font, if not there will be some cut-out texts on any conversation in the game. (A MUST DOWNLOAD)

Step 4: If you received any errors of audio/(name) not found, download the Audio fixes and extract it to the existing full game folder.

Recommended to download everything below.

FULL Game Download

Version 1.3.2

Game Patches 

If you have any older version, you can simply patch the file by replacing the encrypted file.

(Version 1.3.2)

Run-Time Package

A MUST Download in-order to run the game.

If you already had downloaded before, you can ignore this.

Sword Art Online Font

The game itself is using this font, to avoid any overwritten text, download this.

Audio Fixes

If you receive any audio/BGM not found, download this file and replace with the old audio file.
(Last Update: 26/3/2014)


Reserved for future content.

Advanced User only

For those who have knowledge of RPG MAKER VX ACE and wanting to build your own game or modification to this game. You may download the open-source version here. You may use it as a references to build your game or create your own version of Alfheim Online RPG through modifying this version. 

By clicking on Download, it means you accepted the terms and condition stated below.

Terms and contidion:

1. You must give credits to the owner of the game, AxcroS.

2. The game made via the open-source file shouldn't be commercial.

3. Send a copy of the game to me via